When do you need to go into an animal urgent care?

If your pet suddenly exhibits symptoms, or is hurt in an accident you likely need to be seen by an urgent care vet.

General practice vets are typically booked out for weeks, and the animal ERs in Dallas are crowded. This means only the most life-threatening conditions are given priority, and pets with serious but non-threatening conditions may wait hours to be seen.

That’s where we come in. Faster service, same amazing ER care for less cost.

Wait times are up to 50% less at our animal urgent care clinics than a traditional animal ER.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your FAQs about getting emergent care for your pet in Dallas and the Midcities.

What are your hours?
We are open daily from 8am – 10pm at both of our urgent pet care clinics in Dallas and Euless.
How much is the exam/consultation fee?
The basic examination fee is $60. In each case, your attending veterinarian will determine what care is needed and discuss pricing with you for approval prior to care being provided.
Do you have any available appointments?
The best part about going to an animal urgent care is that you do not need an appointment. We see all patients on a walk-in basis. Pets are triaged when they come in and we see cases based on severity so wait times may vary. However, our wait times are significantly less than you may have experienced in an animal ER.
What is your location?
We have two convenient urgent animal locations to serve you. In Dallas we are located at the corner of Preston and 635 at 12835 Preston Rd # 405, Dallas, TX 75230 and in Euless (Midcities) we are located at 1201 W Airport Fwy suite 344, Euless, TX 76040.
Do you offer financing options for larger procedures?
Yes. Our care prices are very affordable however we understand that financing larger procedures can remove barriers to providing care. We partner with Care Credit, Scratch Pay and Rectangle Health to provide our clients with financing options.
Do you accept insurance?
Yes, we accept Trupanion.
What’s the difference between an animal ER and an animal urgent care?
We can handle 99% of all cases seen by an ER at a fraction of the cost. The only cases in which an ER may be needed immediately are those that require any form of lengthy hospitalization.
How do I know when to bring in my pet?
If any of the following is occurring with your pet, bring them into one of our emergent animal care clinics in Dallas or Euless immediately: 1. If you notice blood anywhere. 2. If your pet has been sick for more than 24 hours. 3. If you notice your pet having any trouble breathing. 4. If your pet seems off and you can't explain why. 5. If you are generally unsure, then it is best to get an exam and consultation. If you’re concerned, we’re concerned.
My animal died at home, what do I do?
We can serve as a method for providing care for your pets remains after death or we can refer you to our funerary services provider. Please call the clinic location closest to you to discuss your options or just bring your pet in.
I think it’s time to put my pet down, what should I do?
One of our veterinarians can help walk you through the decision on end-of-life care and whether it is time to say goodbye. Please bring your pet to one of clinic locations closest to you.
My dog or cat won't stop throwing up. What should I do?
Bring in your pet and one of our veterinarians will examine him/her to determine the best course of action.
My pet got hit by a car, what should I do?
Bring in your pet immediately. We are able to triage and stabilize the vast majority of trauma cases. Handle your pet carefully, especially around the mouth as pets are likely to bite when in pain.

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