Our experienced vets treat your loved ones in less time and at a lower cost than traditional animal ERs

Emergency Care
Examinations, on-site treatment, general surgery
Digital x-rays, blood and urine analysis, ultrasound
State-of-the-art monitoring
Pulse oximetry, Doppler blood pressure, EKG
On-Site Therapies
Fluid and oxygen therapy, blood transfusions, pain management

How much does urgent care cost?

Less than human urgent care, way less than an animal ER visit. We are always transparent with pricing and will offer several options to make sure you are comfortable with the treatment plan for your pet. 

  • Veterinary Examination: $60

  • Radiographs: $195

  • Comprehensive Lab Work: $200

  • Parvo Test: $60

  • Ear Cytology: $45

    These are samples of common procedures we provide. Your veterinarian will always quote costs for care in advance for your approval.

Our positive reviews tell the story of how we love and treat our urgent care pet patients

We provide a high level of emergent pet care to our patients at both our Dallas and Midcities Animal Urgent Care clinics. Check out our Google reviews to read their stories!