Worried your dog or cat needs a c-section? Learn the signs that your pet may need help giving birth.

Signs your dog or cat may need a c-section:

She's actively pushing without result
A puppy/kitten should be born within 30-60 minutes of active pushing
Hours have gone by between babies emerging
It's been longer than 4 hours between puppies or kittens coming out with no signs of active pushing
Puppy or kitten that may be stuck
If you see a puppy or kitten stuck in the birth canal, she needs assistance
You don't see the placenta
If you don't think your dog or cat passed a placenta (usually comes out with or after the baby) you should get a consult

How much does a c-section for a dog or cat cost?

C-sections for animals generally run between $1,400 - $1,800. 

We have third-party financing options available should you need it. 

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